The poem “Paths” was initially found to be germinating during late winter 1971.

This spiritual poetry began with the basic noting of a numerological symbolism in our language—a certain building process from “I.” It wasn’t until 1977 until the poem began to take on its present shape. At that time the idea was expanded and the diagram filled in.

It should be noted that “Paths” is not THE Path or THE Way. It is rather a poetic journey through the realms of spiritual growth and a projection of what one may encounter. If somewhere in the process of reading, studying or reflecting upon this spiritual poetry, a handful of people search their inner being and begin or again set foot on THEIR Spiritual Path, it will be a success.

A few words should be said to add to the understanding of the poem. Parts I and IA are structural attempts which deal individually with each thought (step) as shown in the diagram. Part II deals with what is termed the “cyclic wheel of ignorance” in six sections plus an interlude. The interlude (part IIA) is designed to denote an awakening, if you will, from this “wheel.” Part III attempts to show the higher reaches of this particular ascent, which is an end, yet most certainly and more importantly a Beginning. (See Paths idea diagram)