Innocence blesses our early waxing years—
The freedom possessed though not known
Is a release from prejudice, hate and fear,
Until seeds of worldly knowledge are sown.

The senses pleasures become our growth,
As pushing and striving for distant gain
We cast aside the heavenly oath
To replace universal love with mortal pain.

Climbing blindly, grasping the unseen,
We smile at the successful ascent;
For riches, we lose all that has been,
Forgetting our core and what it meant.

The years flow by as leaves on a stream,
While the doubts of waning autumn appear
To the illustrious American Dream,
Sprouting seeds of discontent and fear.

One early spring morning we wake to greet
The cul de sac of growth face to face--
Freedom from want is our earthly retreat
Though lacking any knowledge of heavenly grace.

As the child man searching for the key
To the innocence known so long ago,
We bathe ourselves in nature's simplicity,
Feeling the peaceful calm of blanketed snow.