Rise ye Spirit from the deep,
Spreading invisible wings for vast flight—
Sing out loudly the love of life
And peace on earth of our song.
Higher, higher do soar,
Showing your invincible might.
Bring eyes to those that are blind—
Banish our worldly thoughts,
Whisking the sleep from heavy laden lids.
We look without sight—
Our senses are dulled.

Wake us from the depths of non-existence
To produce the heightened Senses
Necessary for the transformation of Spirit—
Raise us winged bird from despair.
Light the candle within—

The fire of our potential has all
But ceased to smolder; the faint
Smoke is wisping away—
	Light our flame—
Cause ripples in our stagnant lives.
Rising from the depths of our souls,
Bring us to life, we are asleep!
The time for awakening has long passed,
Our hibernation is a slow death.
Dissipate these earthly desires that harbor ignorance—
Lead us to Spirit, so that we may grow in life
And the love for all that you exemplify.

Yes, invisible winged bird of Spirit,
The time is now—enter our core;
Build the fire of Truth
That we may unify with thee, the ALL.

Hear our call—help us feel your presence
Within our souls.
Fill the empty vessel of Spirit—
Overbrim it that we may flow
With love, extending it to all.