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May 2020
Spring has arrived and with it a New Adventure.

Tentatively, early June, a weekly blog will be available each Thursday.  Initially, thoughts and ideas about Poetry and Creativity will be offered to stimulate conversation.  Occasionally a personal or requested favorite poet and their work will enter the blog.

Questions pertaining to the creation of a particular poem or book may well be offered when appropriate or by request.

The intention of the POETIC LICENSE Blog is to be interactive.  Comments about a particular blog or ideas for future topics are encouraged.

Communication via email can be accessed through Contact

Also, Sunrise Tortoise is seeking Poetry submissions.Each week we will select a Poem and post it Monday. If interested go to Submissions.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Newest Submission

Here is the lovely poem, Lorem IpsumLorem IpsumLorem Ipsum – Ipsum

Dancing Mandala

A candle, a silent prayer, and a poem read aloud in the time of Plague, A remembrance, a meditation, and a gratitude Uttered aloud in

Paraiso Perdido

Paraiso Perdido Esta noche en mi ribera,Luna, tu me has derramaoComo un guiso sancochao,En mi dita de jiguera…Luna, estoy que te comiera…Y a pesal que

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May 2020
Sunrise Tortoise is requesting the submission of Poems.  Tentatively in mid-June a selected Poem will be available each Monday.

From its founding in 1977, it was the intention for Sunrise Tortoise to grow and eventually be capable of publishing the work of other Poets.  For various reasons the idea presented too many obstacles difficult to overcome.

Offering Poets a site to share their work is at least a partial realization of that “dream” and may turn out to be a step toward accomplishing the original goal.

Below is a link to submit your work.

         We hope to hear from you.

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