Halted during its slow journey to the other side,
A common turtle lay clumsily split in two.
His natural armor offered little protection
From Man’s four-wheel driven nightmare,
And he became just another unlisted casualty.

As the surging ocean’s unrelenting roar
Announces the arrival of land’s end,
A hummingbird prepares for birthing
By hurriedly picking dandelion seeds
To further warm her soon to be filled nest.

Daydreaming under an exploding, starlit sky,
He remembered watching the gliding gulls
Purposeful use of favorable breezes,
And saw himself. . .Becoming. . .
Ungrounded. . .And Ready for Flight.



“Metamorphosis” represents, as the title suggests, a change. This change, besides being deeply felt within, is at the same time a very dramatic departure from spiritual poetry “Paths”.

In the ten plus years since the printing of “Paths” we have witnessed the frenzied rise of what is aptly termed bottom line mentality. As the 1980’s depart (officially ending December 31, 1990), our infatuation with all things material also appears to be dissipating. When we finally emerge from this period, the challenges facing us will be enormous.

We are, it seems, in need of a new way of thinking about everything that lives on this planet. Hopefully, some of the following will stimulate thought and discussion in that direction.