Waking late from the living death,
I ran naked through moonlit fields.
A barefoot bath in morning dew
Reminded me:  I am Alive,
And not bound by the common dream.

Do not hide behind distant cloud
Or slip past the dark horizon,
But return, Mother moon of night,
To hear my lonely song rising
From the shadowed valley of sleep.

Transported to this island
During the hours of darkest night,
I awoke in moonlit embrace
And listened to you share your dreams
For the future of all mankind.

Time slowly returns to infect
This mind so recently alert;
For Father Sun must soon arise
To watch his blinded children
Whisper half truths and blatant lies.

Returning on the silver path
That illumines the darkened lake,
I must begin to remember
That the Fullness of Life Tasted
Has always been present within.