After wearily ascending the lighted stair,
An unconscious slamming of the opened gate
Awakens the dogs to nervously bark
At their master’s alien presence;
Babbling patronizingly,
While already warm and secure
Mentally, behind the closed door.

Chaos to Order, Order to Chaos;
Back and forth, in and out
The tide is practically ceaseless,
And the futile attempt to hold its Ebb
Intensifies our desire for the Other.

Order to Chaos, Chaos to Order;
We continually fight the tide
Breathing Death into Life
While seeking Life in Death.

Quietly closing our door again,
We silently bid farewell
And securely latch the gate behind,
To face the bitter chill.
Cautiously descending the darkened stair,
The dogs’ restless and frightful whine
Quickly fades into the greeting given
By engine’s roar and mechanical light.