A candle, a silent prayer, and a poem read aloud in the time of Plague,

A remembrance, a meditation, and a gratitude Uttered aloud in the darkness,

Opening to a moment of Awareness
Seeing all the way through the seeming solidity of this physical world

The Sacred gesture of Appearance,
The Seeing of Eternal transformation
As a dance, a joy, beholding and holding Contradictions as seen in kaleidoscope,
Energetic patterns, the warp and weft of Is-ness, this Timeless moment,

This procession circling again
to the Fire and my Offering of Cedar, circle again to my seeming disappearance,
And, ah yes, Knowing now this circling to the Fire where again my fingers Offer a pinch of Cedar to the Fire,
Om Mane Padme
Om Mane Padme
Om Mane Padme

Who can Taste unimaginable Creation?
Know Body, Speech and Heart-Mind ?
Dance this Living Mandala?

– Art Petersen

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