We began by innocently
Throwing stones and brandishing clubs.
Arrows, spears and slings for the hunt
Soon become swords and catapults;
Armor, moats and castles surround
A fearfully huddled people
That quickly develop methods
To raise levels of violence.
Revenge.  Many lives for a life
Accelerates the race toward death.

Explosives.  Guns, bullets and bombs.
Cavalry, then artillery
With tanks, ships, planes, and mustard gas.
To fuel these military machines
Greater resources are consumed;
Leaders soon entice more people
To work in factories than fields.
Captains of wealth and industry
Control greater amounts of money,
And use it to widen the gap
Between them and the working poor.

People around the world revolt
Against the divine right of kings,
Power puppets, and figureheads.
Dictators and tyrants soon rise,
Raising the level of madness
To unimaginable heights.
Prisoners.  Terror.  Internment.
Rockets and submarine warfare.
Kamikaze pilots.  Firestorms.
The only safe haven is death.

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