Leave all earthly belongings here,
On this still familiar shore,
And nakedly step into the water.
The River of Forgetfulness
Will permanently wash away
All your acquired prejudice;
Releasing worn out opinion
And popular cancerous thought.

Relax.  Drift with the current
On its slow and peaceful descent.
When tired, climb from the river
To rest on rocks or sandy shore.

The holding on to memories
To validate some inner worth,
Will return you to the moment
Of first standing by the river side;
But, if you continue the journey
Down to the embryonic lake,
You will float three full days freely,
Finally forgetting the name 
You were called and its significance.

Pulled on by the mighty current,
The river soon leaves you standing
On the banks of the eastern shore,
Dressed in clothes of many colors,
And ready to walk, receptive,
In the light of a new day’s dawn.