Leaping     Blindly falling
Inside darkness     Floating
   Fear consumes
   And finally subsides
As time slows toward stop
   Caught inside a mirror
I stare out     
Pavement gave way to dirt
   The road became rutted
Then completely washed out
   The attempt to locate
An alternate path
Led past a garden gate
To an unlocked door

Rushing through the house
Out the front     Finding
Another house     Empty
   Up the stairs     Over the railing
Floating     Slowly     Landing
Softly on the floor below

Out the side door     Fences     No gates
Panic     Rushing into and out of
House after dimly lit house

More stairs     No exit
Voices     Terror     

Across the large room
A door seen on the floor below
   No escape but to leap
Into the darkness     
                 Passing through
A nonexistent floor
   Again     Floating     Softly
Landing on solid ground

I step out of the mirror     
  Barely breathing
  Hearing shattered glass fall
Behind footsteps walking
Away from terror and fear
With eyes fixed on daybreak
Rising over the ancient highway
That will transport me home