The One


As we enter the second decade of the Third Millennium it is becoming evident to many that the paradigm upon which this Civilization was built is worn out and dying.

Art, in the largest sense, has always been considered a leading indicator of the direction a society, culture and civilization is headed. For the past few decades “Art” has been attempting to show and speak to the fragmentation and separateness we are now experiencing.

As the old passes away, something new and different must emerge. It may be concluded that our collective uncertainty indicates that our future is yet to be determined. It seems likely that the choice is still ours, and must necessarily become limiting or limitless, depending upon our vision. My choice is the latter, and with that in mind, THE ONE may be seen as an exploration and the attempt poetically to see through fragmentation and separateness to the idea of Oneness and a growing awareness of the connectedness of every thing.

“Children of the Sun” presents an alternate theory of the formation and growth of our solar system. The idea for it comes out of the work of Walter Russell as briefly mentioned in THE UNIVERSAL ONE. For many years the currently accepted theory has personally produced more questions than satisfactory answers. Consequently, during the summer of 2007, I took on the difficult challenge of attempting to poetically explore the scientific subject of the birth of celestial bodies.

The grouping of metaphysical poetry entitled “Earth Rising. . .” took five years to complete. It began simply, with what is now section III of the piece “Immaculate Conception,” and continued to grow out of that center. The sequence of poems begins with the description of “A Dream,” and ends with the segment “Birthing.” This five year labor of love can best be described as a vision of a possible future.

Although some of the ideas contained in THE ONE will be viewed by many as little more than “articles of faith,” it seems that the more we utilize our imagination to envision a positive future for humanity, the more likely it will be nudged in that direction.